MVP Realty is full-service brokerage and an agent-centric office that offers their REALTORS Advanced Technology, Elite Training, and State-Of-The-Art conference room facilities throughout Florida. With 17 offices and over 700+ Realtors, MVP Realty is one of the largest real estate firms in Florida.  In fact, over the past 2 years MVP Realty has participated in over $2.2 Billion in real estate transactions.  Our goal is to increase each agents revenue by lowering their office expenses while increasing their overall lead generation through training and technology.


MVP Realty offers each of their agents 100% Commission on every transaction, allowing you to the opportunity to reinvest into your brand and business after each closing.

According to the National Association of REALTORS, the average agent that earned over $100,000 in commission last year paid their Broker $29,000 in commission splits, royalty fees, desk fees, and technology fees. At MVP Realty, our yearly cost is only $1,188. What would your business look like if you had an extra $27,812?

You could take that savings and….

  • Purchase 20,000 Expired Listing Postcards: $10,000.
  • Generate Buyer Leads Per Month On Google Adwords & Facebook Ads: $12,000.  ($1K Marketing Budget Per Month).
  • Take Your Family On A Vacation: $5,812.


At MVP Realty, our Realtors are our clients.  We have created a true support system designed to hep agents grow their business through timely solutions.  At MVP Realty, we have two non-competing Brokers.  That means our sole purpose is to help agents build their business instead of our own.  Our entire MVP Realty Support Team is ready to answer every possible question and offer continuous help to you and your business.

  • Derek Carlson - Founder/Owner/Broker

  • Jerry Bodart - Broker

  • Mark Ledbetter - Broker

  • Victor Naber - Vice President

  • Anthony Bermudez - Chief Financial Officer

  • Blake Hill - Chief Technology Officer

  • Amanda Bullock - Administrative Support Representative

  • Kirk Arenas - Administrative Support Representative


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” 

This is one of our favorite quotes. MVP Realty wants to teach agents how to be independent by teaching them “how to fish.” We do this by showing them where all the fish are located and what bait to use. In other words, we do this by offering elite real estate training, similar to the type of educational lead generation techniques taught by Mike Ferry, Tom Ferry, Michael Maher, Craig Proctor, Travis Thom, Ricky Carruth, Tony Giordano and Harris University. This training is delivered to the agents through our: 

  • Weekly Elite Training Programs
  • Real Estate Board Training Workshops
  • Lunch & Learn Programs
  • MVP Realty University


Our real estate industry has changed drastically over the past 10 years in the way that we generate leads, communicate with our clients, and manage our transactions. As a REALTOR, you must embrace technology or you will be out of business. It is truly that simple. With lead generation, recent studies show that over 90% of all buyers search online before contacting a real estate agent. Our clients now require that we communicate with them via text and email, while wanting cutting edge tools to search for their new home on your website. The Florida Real Estate Commission requires that you submit all of your executed contracts to your Broker within 3 days. The time waisted driving to the office to drop of these contracts is over. Within a matter of minutes, you can upload your documents into our cloud based system, share them with your client and vendor, and truly run your company as a paperless business. 

Here is just some of the cutting edge technology that MVP Realty offers: 

  • Cloud Based Paperless Document Transaction Management System
  • MVP Realty Intranet
  • Private Facebook Group Page
  • Listing Syndication


Our real estate industry has changed drastically over the past 10 years in the way that we generate leads, communicate with our clients, and manage our transactions. 

Here is just some of the cutting edge technology that MVP Realty offers: 

  • Listings To Leads Online Marketing & Lead Generation System.
  • Unlimited Lead Capture Pages.
  • Agent IDX Search Engine Web Site.
  • CRM/Customer Relationship Manager


Are you ready to learn more about one of the largest full-service real estate brokerage firms in Florida? To learn more about our MVP Realty and our100% Commission Plan, Elite Top Producer Real Estate Training & Coaching, Advanced Cutting Edge Technology, Superior Support, and Agent-Center Offices throughout Florida, please contact us at 239-963-4499 or by filling out the form here:  CLICK HERE